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Image by Suhyeon Choi

Funeral Services

Funeral Services


Whilst cut flowers and flower arrangements are traditionally used at funerals we are able to offer a living rose to help celebrate the life of a loved one.


They can be used to make an aisle way or form a backdrop to a casket. We present the roses in decorative pots which are sealed at the base ensuring there is no spillage of water on carpets or wooden floors.

The roses come in a variety of colours including red, white, pink and yellow. We can supply up to eighty roses if required.

We can also supply freeze dried rose petals if required. 

Bevan and I wear corporate uniform and take pride in how we present ourselves and our roses. We also understand and respect the dignity of mourners and will not remove the roses until such time as directed.

Thank you Ann and Bevan for making the life celebration at my mum's funeral truly stunning. Mum would have been so proud.



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