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At Living Roses we offer a range of stunning standard rose varieties in a number of colours. Our rose hire service is perfect to help you mark those milestones in your life. If you prefer, we also have standard roses for sale.

Roses have a wonderful history of association with special events and commemorative occasions. Many colours and varieties have special meanings. Perfect for every occasion, Living Roses plant hire offers a magnificent complement to the decor of any event or location, including:

  Rose red logo Weddings
  Rose red logo Naming Days
  Rose red logo Birthdays
  Rose red logo Life celebrations
  Rose red logo Functions
  Rose red logo Corporate Events
  Rose red logo Expos

We will deliver and arrange your chosen roses to your specifications and to match your colour scheme or theme.

You are welcome to buy a standard rose as a memento of your special occasion or event or purchase all the roses for your event rather than hiring them. We can also supply freeze dried rose petals to scatter or keep.

If you would like to make an enquiry about standard rose hire or sales or our freeze dried rose petals, please download the Customer Enquiry Form available from our Contact Us page.